We are AgRewild. Our mission is to create an ecosystem where people can relax, reconnect and discover a healthier co-existence with nature.

Why AgRewild?

To engage, educate, demonstrate – buying marginal land in South West England and using it as a case study for rewilding, sustainable food production and the importance of nature connection

To meet the challenges of today’s society – climate change, habitat and biodiversity loss and a human disconnect with the natural world

To rewild and rebuild – create a haven for wildlife and humans alike

To showcase rewilding as a sustainable business – through education, ecotourism and community – amplifying our message

Our Journey

We’re at the beginning of our journey. We have our strategic pillars, we have our tactical outline and we are working hard on our business plans.

Now, we need you. We are exploring business models and funding options and are looking for people who could help us make some key decisions.

If you are able to help, would like to be a part of our journey or are simply interested in finding out more about AgRewild, please get in touch!

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Who are we?

Dr Sean McCormack

Sean is a vet and a life-long nature geek. He is the founder and Director of Ealing Wildlife Group, a large local wildlife conservation organisation in the London Borough of Ealing, where he has led several successful conservation projects. Sean is also a key contributor to Ealing Council’s Biodiversity Action Plans.

Sean has a podcast, ‘Sean’s Wild Life’, in which he discusses rewilding, conservation and biodiversity with notable guests.


Heidi Cullip

Heidi is a marketer with over 17 years experience in strategy, commercial marketing and communications with roles in blue-chip companies such as Tesco and Unilever. She has experience in building and managing high-value categories and driving business growth.

Heidi has a love of nature and biodiversity and manages all marketing for Ealing Wildlife Group. A qualified wine tutor and English wine devotee, Heidi is also interested in nature-sensitive vineyard management.